Solución integral de software para la gestión de todo tipo de negocios

A comprehensive software solution for the management of all kinds of businesses.

Manage your company better: Automate procedures, boost productivity and reduce costs.

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This represents a net saving in terms of time and resources in procedures as critical to an automotive business as the management of orders, the efficient allocation of tasks within the team and the conciliation of electronic invoices.

Welcome to the era of connectivity

GESCOM offers complete integration with the computer systems of the leading manufacturers, which provides one of the main sources of its many benefits.

Connectivity with regard to manufacturers is one of the keys to the success of our ERP tool and explains its strong penetration among in all types of businesses. This success provides Ceinor with a unique advantage when it comes to guaranteeing organic integration amongst different remote information systems.

GESCOM informs users about current orders and the date on which products are received. Furthermore, the system facilitates the automatic incorporation of delivery notes.

These operations enable workshops to serve their clients better, minimizing time-frames and optimizing procedures by avoiding typical duplication and errors.

Basic management and billing module

Quotes: Issued to customers and requested from suppliers.

Orders: Both for customers and suppliers, featuring intuitive management, automated monitoring, automatic orders due to low stock, consumption or rotation; Automatic calculation of pre-orders and ADHOC-EDI link.

Delivery Notes: Receipt notes, delivery notes and work orders.

Returns management: Both for customers and suppliers

Cash module: Movements, cash desk closing and digital cash counts.

Warehousing: Transfers between warehouses with double confirmation and stock adjustment.

Customers: Management of consolidated and potential customers, for vehicles and fleets; and Tyre-Hotel for the management of tyres in storage.

Suppliers: Management of rebates, automated billing and conciliation of eFactura 3.2.

Invoicing: Issued and received. Automation of habitual procedures with customers and suppliers.

Advanced management and billing module

Ticket and store Management.

Manufacturing module.

Load sheet: : Automatic generation of delivery notes according to route, customer, etc.

Loans between workshops.

Pre-invoicing module / pre-invoicing simulation.

Transfer to document management, Web B2C and accounting.

Module for incidents regarding customers, suppliers, sales and guarantees.

Customers and suppliers: Management of rebates.

Billing of rebates and import costs and customs duties.

Tactile Front Office staff calendar module: Holidays, sick leave, absenteeism from work, etc., to inform the team of mechanics.

Presence monitoring module: In order to monitor the presence of employees.

Warehouse module

Management of items.

Management of maximum and minimum levels by month.

Management of rates and prices.

Advanced rates copy: Function to change rates by applying coefficients. For example, to increase or decrease rates by percentages…

Campaign management: For net supplier amounts and/or supplier discounts.

Bid management: For net customer amounts, customer discounts or associate discounts.

Chaotic warehouse resolution management according to location.

CSV-PRICAT importing and all types of generic Excel files.

Data management module: Private area featuring more than 400 tyre and mechanics rates.

Accounting module

Manual and automatic entry of invoices received.

Accounted statements.

Automatic and semi-automatic checking of accounts.

Configurable accounting entry templates.

Analytical accounting.

Budget accounting.

All Tax Office forms (303, 111, 115, 349, 347 etc).

Depreciation and asset module.

SEPA module: Mass generation of money orders, digital custody of signed money orders and collection and payment remittances.

Management module for promissory notes issued and received.

Usability and experience

GESCOM is the intuitive and easy to use tool that has a deep knowledge of the daily procedures of business and optimizes the business’s performance.

Our customers have discovered that GESCOM enables them to focus on the quality of their customers’ experience, which is why they choose this software as the system that guarantees the integral management of their business activities. It is also why GESCOM is widely recognized amongst professionals as the solution that truly meets their expectations.

Marketing module

Reaching more people is now possible with GESCOM.

Relational marketing

But GESCOM is much more than this. Its benefits never cease to delight our users. Thanks to its excellent integration with different data bases, GESCOM makes it possible to design personalized campaigns that are tailored to each customer, either through postal mail, e-mail or SMS. Organizing data of all types and customer details is now much simpler and much quicker. This results in more personalized communication and an increase in sales.

Marketing consulting

Furthermore, CEINOR places an expert Marketing and Communication consulting service at the disposal of its clients in order to support workshop teams when it comes to managing data bases in accordance with perfectly focused marketing objectives.

Marketing module functions

Marketing e-mail and SMS form.

Advertising in documents.

Statistical offers module.

Statistical table module featuring interactive 3D tables.

Analytical control panel.

Management of incentive campaigns.

Adaptable and evolutionary

The nature of GESCOM is to constantly evolve and adapt to the needs of businesses.

The introduction of improvements to our ERP system derives from the ongoing feedback provided by our clients. If GESCOM today sets the standard for excellent management regarding automotive businesses, it is because we stay in close touch with professionals and we listen to their opinions, which enables us to continually enrich our product.

Tactile, multi-device and on the cloud

This latest-generation software adapts perfectly to the new demands of users.

GESCOM guarantees transparency and complete digitization thanks to touchscreen technologies that work perfectly on any device. Being “on the cloud” facilitates business management from any location that has an Internet connection.

Additional complements

For the most demanding businesses


Permit our team of consultants to manage your communication and marketing campaigns and make the very most of your customer data base via e-mail, SMS and social media.


Automated mailing of satisfaction surveys by electronic mail and consultation of statistics and results relating to your customer loyalty campaigns.

GESCOM Email Plus

Monitor the effectiveness of your quotes and commercial campaigns through the marketing function via electronic mails sent by GESCOM.

Our commitment

Our clients recognize that we are a partner whose commitment goes way beyond the process of simply installing GESCOM at their workshops.

Ceinor is always there, training staff in situ and adapting our software to the needs of each and every business.

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